Biotech Updates

B4FA Releases Viewpoint Essays

May 28, 2014

Biosciences for Farming in Africa (B4FA) released Viewpoint essays on biosciences and genetics featuring stories that surround crops that feed millions of people.

Award-winning MinnPost writer Sharon Schmickle describes the essays: "The stories unfolding as a result speak to urgent needs, explaining how crops can stand up to drought and disease. They are economic stories, explaining how a village, a nation or a region can feed itself with something left over to sell. They are political stories, explaining how policy choices determine whether children in the villages eat or go to bed hungry. They are the stories of genetic treasures hidden in local seed banks and of epic battles with crop-destroying pests."

Drs. Mariechel Navarro and Randy Hautea of ISAAA shared about the role of farmers in China, India, and the Philippines in sharing the benefits of biotech crops. Other essays include Genetically modified crops: how long before Africa sees its share of the gains by PG Economics' Graham Brookes; Better seeds, better yields by Tinashe Chiurugwe and Sean Butler of UK's National Institute of Agricultural Botany; and Changing the lives of smallholder farmers - A personal journey by Paul Seward, founder of Farm Input Promotions Africa Ltd.

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