Biotech Updates

Symposia and Cartoon Contest Promote Understanding of Biotechnology in Japan

November 27, 2013

On November 5 and 6, 2013, two International Symposia were held in Sapporo and Osaka, respectively, organized jointly by Hokkaido Bioindustry Association, Kinki Bio-industry Development Association, and Nippon Biotechnology Information Center. In Sapporo, about 25 participants including farmers attended the symposium, while about 45 participants including consumer organizations were present in the Osaka symposium. Dr. Randy A. Hautea, Global Coordinator and SEAsia Center Director of ISAAA gave a talk on ‘Global sccenario for sustainable agriculture by GM crops and Mr. Delson Sonza, Proprietor of Model Agricultural Supply of Sara, Iloilo, Philippines talked on his success story of GM corn planting. Mr. Sonza's talk impressed participants greatly, especially by farmers in Hokkaido, upon learning of the doubling of income after adoption of GM corn in his farm in the Philippines.

Winners of the second GM cartoon contest organized by the BIC, were awarded in Sapporo. The winning entries were exhibited in both Sapporo and Osaka. Seventy-three art works were evaluated, which is twice the number of entries in the previous year. Although the public understanding of GM crops is very low in Japan, young generations are sure to have correct understanding compared with older generations. The winning artwork is shown below.

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