Crop Biotech Update

China and US Can Work Together and Use Biotech to End Global Hunger

November 20, 2013

China and the US are two countries with high agricultural output, and when these two collaborate in agricultural trade, research, and education, global hunger could be alleviated, says US Department of Agriculture Under Secretary for Farm and Foreign Agricultural Services, Michael Scuse. He also explained that farmers are working towards meeting the challenges of climate change, urbanization, and limited resources by embracing new ideas and practices such as biotechnology.

"I am a farmer, and like 17 million farmers around the world, have seen the benefits of crops improved through biotechnology. By accelerating the results of plant breeding, biotechnology is helping the world develop crops that can resist drought and pests, and even grow in adverse environmental conditions, such as salty and toxic soils. This research gives me hope for the future," said Scuse. The dialogue on biotech continues but he hopes that it will be based on facts, and oriented towards finding solutions.

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