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Crop Biotech Update

EFSA Still Validates Previous Opinions on GM Maize MON 863

November 20, 2013

Austria notified the European Commission of its new scientific elements justifying the additional three years of the implementation of a national safeguard measure prohibiting the commercialization of GM maize MON 863 in Austria. Subsequently, the European Commission asked the European Food Safety Authority 's (EFSA) GMO Panel to assess the new scientific information supporting the extension of the prohibition.

In the light of the information provided by Austria in support of the prolongation of its safeguard clause, and having considered all relevant scientific publications, the GMO Panel concluded that the new scientific elements submitted by the Austrian Authorities do not lead EFSA to reconsider the conclusions in its opinions on maize MON 863. The GMO Panel notes that in the concerns detailed by Austria, no new scientific data have been provided to support its claims and no new hazards have been identified.

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