Biotech Updates

IndoBIC Hosts a Break to Fasting Event for GM Crops

August 7, 2013

IndoBIC hosted a break to fasting event on the evening of July 24 to discuss the Islamic views on genetically modified products. Close to 36 participants from Indonesia Biosafety Commission officials, technical team of Biosafety Commission for GMO, officials from Indonesia Ministry of environment, and Croplife Indonesia participated in the event.

Dr. Bambang Purwantara (IndoBIC Director) highlighted that the Islamic perspective on genetically modified foods, similar to other religions, is complex and goes deeper than simply a determination of whether a certain food is halal or not (although that is a part of it). He hopes that through this event, the participants would be enlightened on the benefits of GM products and the Islamic views on these products that would be important in  its acceptance in the country.

Ir. Lukmanul Hakim, Msi from LPPOM MUI (The Assessment Institute for Foods, Drugs And Cosmetics Indonesian Council Of Ulama) emphasized that basically, the science of genetic modification is permitted in Islam as long as it benefits the people and doesn't run counter to the laws of Islam. In addition, he noted that there is a need for more in-depth study of the laws of Islam regarding the GM products in Indonesia.

Details of this event can be obtained from Dewi Suryani of Indonesian BIC at