Crop Biotech Update

Proprietary CRISPR Technology Accelerates Innovation in Agriculture Products, Supply Chains, and Production Systems

May 24, 2023

Since it was established five years ago, Pairwise has evolved a suite of industry-leading tools, including unique CRISPR intellectual property, that enables the company to edit genes more effectively than other companies in the market. Photo Source: Business Wire

A new technology called FULCRUMTM Platform has been launched by the agricultural company Pairwise. FULCRUM Platform is built on proprietary CRISPR technology and other gene editing tools, allowing Pairwise to make changes to crops quickly and successfully. This platform was used in Pairwise Conscious™ Foods products and the specialty and commodity crop products of its business partners.

In a five-year partnership with Bayer, Pairwise used the Fulcrum platform to identify nearly 200 unique gene sequences that can be changed to improve productivity and disease resistance across ​a variety of row crops, including a unique target in corn that has increased kernel rows by up to 20%.

Ian Miller, Chief Development Officer at Pairwise, said, "With the Fulcrum platform, we can make small genetic changes that deliver big product impacts. We call this approach the Seismic Tweak. The fact that we've gone from concept to product in just four years, with the recent launch of our gene-edited Conscious™ Greens, demonstrates our ability to solve complex challenges for society and industry alike at the pace demanded by today's marketplace."

For more details about this technology, read the news release from Pairwise.

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