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Researchers to Improve Berries Using CRISPR Technology

April 22, 2020

Photo source: Pairwise

Gene editing technology, CRISPR, will be harnessed to develop new varieties of berries. The developers, fruit company Pairwise Food Systems and berry-breeder company Plant Sciences Inc. (PSI), aim to improve the taste and shelf-life of berries and make them available all year round.

Pairwise will use its unique gene editing capabilities on PSI's berry germplasm to modify berry DNA sequences and retain good traits while getting rid of the lesser desirable traits. The berries are expected to be available in the next few years. If successful, the improved varieties will be grown in commercial nurseries and the license will be available to interested farmers to plant, grow, and produce the berries.

Read more from Pairwise with reports from Horti Daily.

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