Crop Biotech Update

Conscious™ Foods Soon to Release Gene-Edited Leafy Greens

April 20, 2022

At the Future Food-Tech show in March, food+tech company Pairwise announced the launch of Conscious™ Foods, offering a taste of its first product Conscious™ Greens.

Through Conscious Foods, Pairwise aims to build a healthier world through developing better fruits and vegetables using CRISPR and gene editing to grow nutritious and flavorful new varieties. According to Pairwise, the first product from Conscious Foods will be the new nutrient-dense, leafy salad greens called Conscious Greens, expected to hit grocery store shelves in the form of packaged salads in 2023. Conscious Greens were developed with variety-seeking salad lovers in mind as they come in rich green and deep purple colors. They were unveiled at a tasting event at a San Francisco-based mise en place.

“When my co-founders and I started the company in 2017, we wanted to create a different kind of food+tech company, one that really focused on the end benefits of its products to consumers and customers,” said Haven Baker, Chief Business Officer at Pairwise, Conscious Foods' parent company. “Now, in 2022, we believe that the best way to realize this vision is by launching a purpose-driven consumer brand–Conscious Foods.”

The brand is also developing seedless blackberries, black raspberries, and pitless cherries.

For more details, read the press release from Pairwise.

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