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Large Chinese Seed Companies Likely to Produce Gene-Edited Crops for Farmers - Study

November 23, 2022

Gene-edited agricultural products could have a significant market share of the Chinese seed market in the future, based on a survey conducted in 2019 among 111 Chinese seed companies.

Seed companies play a role in the translation of technical advances into industrial advantages and in handing these benefits to the farmers. The study aimed to determine whether gene-edited crops will be available to farmers using the data from a survey conducted prior to the new policies that the Chinese government implemented in order to make it easier to industrialize gene-edited crops.

The study found that only a limited number of seed companies conduct gene editing-related research on crops. However, more than half of them consider developing and selling gene-edited crops with SDN1 and SDN2 modifications, while almost half support crops with SDN3 modifications. These companies, mostly large businesses with experienced researchers, were found to support and develop gene editing technology.

The seed companies' positive position and investment in gene editing will significantly impact the distribution of the technology's benefits to farmers and acceptance by consumers.

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