Crop Biotech Update

Textbook-style CRISPRpedia Now Available

September 21, 2022

The Innovative Genomics Institute has launched CRISPRpedia, a free, textbook-style online resource that explains and illustrates all things CRISPR. CRISPRpedia covers CRISPR from its role in bacterial immunity to its development as a tool for genome editing.

CRISPRpedia offers resources on CRISPR applications in basic research, medicine, and agriculture. Each section offers original illustrations and content written by Ph.D. scientists and edited by Jennifer Doudna and other CRISPR experts.

CRISPRpedia can be used for learning and teaching by anyone from advanced high school students to principal investigators and is an ideal companion for molecular biology classes. The 80+ original illustrations are downloadable as editable vector graphics and free to use for non-commercial purposes under a Creative Commons license.

For more details, visit CRISPRpedia.

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