Crop Biotech Update

New Breeding Technologies Can Help Sustain African Agricultural Systems

August 10, 2022

Director Leena Tripathi of the Eastern Africa Hub at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture in Tanzania said that gene editing is a solution that is set to be a game changer in the agricultural sector, and that these will play a critical role in building sustainable agricultural systems that can contribute to food security.

During a webinar organized by the African Seed Trade Association (AFSTRA) on genome editing on June 2, 2022, Tripathi emphasized the importance of breeding “climate change ready” crops and animals to reinforce the transforming agricultural productivity in the continent. She said that gene editing can help address agronomy, food and feed quality, or biotic and abiotic stress tolerance. She also urged countries to embrace the technology that allows the faster and simpler breeding of crops and animals.

The technology is used worldwide, as exhibited by the more than 40 crops grown in 25 countries that includes Kenya. It provides an additional, more efficient tool for improving agricultural productivity according to Tripathi.

More details can be found in AFSTRA.

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