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Danish Research Project Refines CRISPR; A Step Towards More Precise and Effective Use of Genetic Scissors

July 6, 2022

The CRISPR method has been hailed as a revolution within gene technology since its discovery 10 years ago. Now, a Danish research project helps refine the method and is a step towards a more precise and effective use of ‘genetic scissors'.

The study led by Yonglun Luo, associate professor at the Department of Biomedicine, Aarhus University, used an energy-based model to identify the mechanisms regulating CRISPR-Cas9's activity and specification. The model helps researchers design gRNA components that increase the method's effectiveness and minimize unintended effects, also called 'off-target effects'.

"Unintended off-targets are a major concern when using the CRISPR method to treat diseases, and most of the tools for measuring off-targets have serious limitations and do not include the factors that we have discovered in our study. These discoveries have given us the key to designing CRISPR-gRNA with high effectiveness and precision," explains Yonglun Luo.

For more details, read the article on the Aarhus University website.

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