Biotech Updates

Uganda Sees Biotechnology as Key to Food Security and Nutrition

July 13, 2012

Dr. Emily Twinamasiko, Director General of the Ugandan National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO) observed that despite widespread cultivation of cash and food crops, food security and nutrition remain uncertain due to unfriendly weather and other environmental conditions. Twimanasiko made the remark to journalists on tour of Ugandan agriculture. The tour, which includes Ugandan and European journalists, is aimed at showing the media the food security challenges and opportunities facing Africa and enable them to see how African collaborations are addressing such challenges including biotechnology.

The NARO Director General noted that with Uganda's rapid population growth, there is a strong need to use biotechnology as an "alternative to address food security and improve our crop varieties." Confined field trials of banana, cassava, corn, and cotton are now being conducted in Uganda.

Twinamasiko added that government efforts to push biotechnology in Uganda should be commended. "Since biotechnology is the key to food security and nutrition, we will ensure that we move it from the laboratories to the end users," she said.

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