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Subchronic Feeding Study of High Oleic Acid-Herbicide Tolerant Soybean in Rats

July 13, 2012

The consumption of trans fatty acids is often linked to cardiovascular disease, cancer, and other types of diseases. Thus, scientists have employed various ways to decrease the amount of trans fatty acids in processed oil.

Xiaozhe Qi, a scientist from China Agricultural University, and colleagues crossed the high oleic acid soybean (DP-305423 soybeans or TREUSTM) with herbicide tolerant soybean (Roundup Ready®). The resulting line  3Ø5423 × 40-3-2 (GM HOA-HT), was tested as feed for Sprague-Dawley rats to investigate the GM crop's effect on nutritional and growth performance of live rats.

Groups of rats were fed with different dietary concentrations (7.5%, 15%, and 30%) of GM HOA-HT or non-GM soybeans (JACK). After 90 days, nutritional and growth performance variables were evaluated followed by the analysis of standard clinical chemistry, blood, and organs. Significant differences were found between the rats fed with GM soybeans and non-GM soybeans but all values fall on the normal ranges, and were found to be not linked to treatment.

The researchers concluded that the results of the study signifies that GM HOA-HT is as safe as its non-GM counterpart.

The research paper is available at