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USDA Secretary Vilsack Challenges Seed Industry

June 22, 2012

US Department of Agriculture Tom Vilsack addressed the American Seed Trade Association's 129th Annual Convention about the need for the seed industry to help educate the policy makers in the capital about the importance of agricultural research and  to farmers about coexistence. He highlighted the importance of research and innovation in helping farmers adapt to climate change and be more efficient with resources such as water, nitrogen and fertilizer, the news says. He also opined that as science changes and advances, the regulatory framework needs to follow.

On genetic engineering (GE) Vilsack said that the United States is a large country and there are vast land holdings that can use GE, conventional, and organic at the same time.  Farmers should be able to choose the production method they want.  All aspects of agriculture must be tapped to make it an interesting and attractive endeavor. Seed industries should be there to help  the country and the farmers realize this.

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