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Evogene and Rasi Seeds to Develop Better Rice

June 22, 2012

Israel's Evogene signed an agreement with India's Rasi Seeds to develop rice with increased yield and drought tolerance. Under the collaboration agreement, candidate genes discovered by Evogene for these key traits will be introduced into Rasi Seeds pipeline to evaluate them in field trials for the development of improved hybrid rice. The agreement also allows Rasi Seeds the right to commercialize hybrid rice with these genes in India and other countries in Southeast Asia.

Dr. M. Ramasami, managing director of Rasi Seeds, said  "We are pleased to collaborate with Evogene to introduce new technologies and excel our research and development in rice hybrids. With Rasi's leaderships in hybrid seed products in India, this collaboration serves our goal to expand into a multi-crop quality research to contribute the farming community and the industry, primarily in India."

The news release is available at Evogene's website at