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Rice Bowl Index Highlights Solutions for Food Security Challenges Across Asia-Pacific

June 1, 2012

A diagnostic tool that provides insight and information on the robustness of the food security system across Asia-Pacific was recently launched by Syngenta Company. Amply called "The Rice Bowl Index", the tool is designed to identify problems and find solutions derived from productive dialogue, collaboration and action between governments, NGOS, and the private sector.

Dr. Robert Berendes, Global Head of Business Development at Syngenta opined that, "It is clear from this analysis that collaboration and a system wide integrated approach are vital in order to effect change that is sustainable in the long term."

Professor Paul Teng, one of Asia's leading food security experts supports the Rice Bowl Index in A White Paper he said  "It is easy to fall into the trap of inaction due to the complexities in dealing with food security. What is most challenging is how to translate the complexity of food security into an opportunity for action. The Rice Bowl Index is one platform which supports an effort and commitment to doing so," said Professor Teng.

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