Biotech Updates

SEAMEO-BIOTROP Provides Fellowship for National Training Courses in 2012

June 1, 2012

Through funding support from the Government of Indonesia, BIOTROP has lined up five subsidized national training courses for 2012 to be conducted at the Center's headquarter in Bogor, Indonesia. The training courses and dates of implementation are as follows:

1. Agro-Industrial Wastes Utilization (9-13 July)

2. Cloning, Sequencing and Analysis of Specific Genomic Target Region Using Bioinformatics (1-4 September)

3. Mapping of Benthic and Geomorphological Habitats of Shallow Waters (16-21 September)

4. Managing Stored Product Pests through Good Fumigation Practices (16-21 September)

5. Utilization of Low-Cost and Locally Available Materials for Good Quality Fish Feed Manufacturing (16-19 October)

Fellowships are available to at least 15 participants per training course, who will meet the following minimum qualification requirements: at least a BS degree holder; currently holding a regular appointment in his/her organization; has at least 2 years of working experience or is currently involved in the subject matter of the training to be attended; preferably not more than 45 years old.

For details about the fellowship, visit For information on biotechnology in Indonesia, contact Dewi Suryani at