Biotech Updates

New Cannabis Without the 'High'

June 1, 2012

Scientists at Israel's Tikum Olam have developed a cannabis plant that does not leave people ‘stoned'. The new cannabis looks, smells, and even tastes the same but it does not induce the usual feelings associated with smoking marijuana that are brought by the substance tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The scientists at Tikun Olam, a research facility located in the northern Galilee region reduced the amount of THC in the plant and increased the effects of another substance called cannabidiol (CBD), a chemical that could be effective against diabetes and various psychological disorders, and possibly prevent the spread of cancer.

The new marijuana is being made available in limited amounts to some users. The Sheba Medical Center and Israel Cancer Association said that medical marijuana has been approved for use in about 6,000 Israelis suffering from various illnesses.

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