Biotech Updates

Iowa State University to Get More Staff to Create Biotech Research Powerhouse

June 1, 2012

In the next few years, Iowa State University (ISU) will hire more than 200 faculty members in a move that could help Iowa become a research and manufacturing center and expand its strong biotech offerings. Steven Leath, ISU president, said that they will make organized and cluster hires, using positions left open by retirements, along with slots backed by private companies and grants, to help create a multi-country commercial corridor stretching from Ames to Des Moines.

The informally named Capital Corridor is seen as Iowa's version of North Carolina's Research Triangle, where government agencies and agribusiness corporations join to do groundbreaking research. The corridor is part of the long-term plan called Capital Crossroads that involves a number of central Iowa leaders, companies, and organizations.

Work in the corridor could bring breakthroughs on proteins, enzymes, genetics, next-generation biofuels, food products, and pharmaceuticals, said Leath. He foresees research crossing over between ISU and possibly other schools and private companies to produce manufacturing jobs.

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