Biotech Updates

Bees the Key to 30 Percent of our Diet

March 30, 2012

"Pollination is particularly important for those vegetables that produce a seed like watermelons, as well as in the seed production process," said Mr. Andrew White, spokesperson of AUSVEG. AUSVEG is the national peak industry composed of 7,000 vegetable growers in the whole of Australia. With pollination comes the importance of pollinator bees.

A new study on the possible role of native pollinator bees in increasing yield and quality of vegetable seeds like carrots and leek was conducted. The research involved more than two years of studying 26 native species of bees to determine and identify possible native bee pollinators of leek and carrot.

Results show that growers can improve native bee population by minimizing tillage to protect nests, planting windbreaks made up of native flowering plants and protecting flowering plants and nest sites. These studies will be beneficial to the seed industry, food industry and vegetable growers in the future.

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