Crop Biotech Update

Video-Conferencing on Climate Change and Agricultural Development in Vietnam

March 30, 2012

The Vietnam Development Information Centre (VDIC) recently hosted a video-conferencing seminar on green revolution and agriculture productivity enhancement. Experts from six countries – Vietnam, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Indonesia, the Philippines and India - discussed various topics including modernizing technological equipment used in agriculture, designing policies relating to the environment, the study of new rice varieties that can resist effects of climate change, as well as the shortage of farmland.

Delegates agreed that in recent years the major challenge for scientists was to ensure food security while preserving natural resources. In this context, the development of environment friendly cultivation technology and high-yield rice varieties adaptable to climate change is of great importance.

Since 2009, scientific studies in many research institutions have produced 56 rice varieties that can resist insect attack and diseases and were distributed to many rice-growing countries. In addition, 106 drought resilient rice lines and varieties have been recorded and sent to the International Network for Genetic Evaluation of Rice based at the International Rice Research Institute.

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