Crop Biotech Update

A New Validated Protocol for Extraction of DNA from Maize Starch

March 30, 2012

Scientists at the State Institute for Chemical and Veterinary Analysis of Food (CVUA) and Institute for Hygiene and Environment in Germany published a new validated method for the extraction of DNA from maize starch. The amplifiable amount of maize DNA tested by real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) was used as parameter for evaluation. On the other hand, the practical limit of detection (LOD) served as a key criterion in the assessment of suitability of the extraction method with respect to GMO analysis.

The method was tested in 10 laboratories and the results showed practical LODs in the range of 0.1% with three native maize starch materials. In-house tests also showed that the method, together with an additional purification step, could be used to extract DNA from chemically or enzymatically modified starch.

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