Crop Biotech Update

CFIA Approves Two New Canola Hybrids

March 30, 2012

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has recently approved the sale in spring of two DEKALB brand canola hybrids, 74-44 BL and 74-74 CR. Variety 74-44 BL has unique traits that combine excellent blackleg resistance with high yield performance and great harvestability. The 74-47 CR on the other hand has excellent clubroot resistance, strong standability, and high yield potential and is an ideal choice for growers in high-risk clubroot areas.

"Both of these new canola hybrids offer strong agronomics and high yield performance while incorporating valuable breeding traits to enhance blackleg and clubroot resistance in the field. We are confident that both 74-44 BL and 74-47 CR will be among the top performing hybrids in 2012," said Patrick Comte, DEKALB Canola Business Manager.

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