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A Gold Kiwifruit Each Day Keeps the Doctor Away

January 13, 2012

In a study conducted by scientists at Plant and Food Research in New Zealand, it was observed that older people with ages 65 and above that consume gold kiwifruit daily exhibit reduced cold symptoms as well as sore throats and head congestion.

Thirty seven healthy people were asked to eat ZESPRIĀ® GOLD Kiwifruit daily for one month then switch to banana with a one month kiwifruit/banana free period before each treatment period. Before and after each treatment period, blood samples were collected from the participants to check the level of plasma antioxidants and changes to the immune function.

Their findings indicated that there was a decrease in cold symptoms with gold kiwifruit compared to banana. Duration of sore throat symptoms also decreased from an average of 5.4 to 2 days. Head congestion lasted for 0.9 days from 4.7 days during gold kiwifruit daily consumption period. Higher levels of plasma vitamin C and antioxidants were also found in blood samples after the gold kiwifruit treatment.

ZESPRIĀ® GOLD Kiwifruit is a variety developed by Plant & Food Research using the extensive variety of germplasm collected over the years from China.

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