Biotech Updates

Potential Dev't and Application of Agri-biotech in the Asian and Pacific Region

January 13, 2012

Hung-Chang Huang from Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute published an article about the potential development and application of agri-biotechnology in the Asian and Pacific Region. He said that agri-biotechnology, referring to both conventional and modern, is highly important in resolving issues related to agricultural production. For agri-biotech to gain public confidence and acceptance, commercial application must be based on the following:

  1. foundational research to collect baseline data such as efficacy and efficiency; 
  2. impact research such as effects of the technology on food safety, biodiversity, soil and water quality, gene flow and its consequences; and 
  3. risk reduction research such as development of risk assessment methods and containment practices to restrict unwanted effects of the technology.

Hung-Chang also added that the support of the government and the industry are relevant to ensure successful development and adoption of technologies that benefit producers and other stakeholders in the region.

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