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Philippines Steps up to Development Challenges through Genomics

December 2, 2011

Members of the local scientific community in the Philippines convened last November 28, 2011 for the symbolic launch of the Philippine Genome Center (PGC). The PGC was created in 2009, with the University of the Philippines (UP) as its host.

According to PGC Executive Director Dr. Carmencita Padilla, PGC "has been working to build a sustainable infrastructure, forming core groups of scientists and researchers, and establishing partnerships and collaborations with academic centers in the Philippines and abroad."

For his welcome message, UP President Mr. Alfredo Pascual said that the university is confident being a host for PGC, which is considered a milestone for the campus. He said that UP will be able to deliver useful solutions through genomics. Meanwhile, Philippine Department of Science and Technology Secretary Mario Montejo said in his keynote address that his department, UP, and the scientific community as a whole will be fully committed to the endeavors of PGC.

Members of the International Advisory Board of PGC also gave lectures on the "Challenges and Opportunities in Establishing Genome Centers" during the launch. Health, agriculture, biodiversity for drug discovery and bio-energy, forensics and ethnicity, and ethical, legal, and social issues associated with genomics research are the priority areas of PGC.

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