Biotech Updates

Development and Validation of L allele-specific Markers in Capsicum

December 2, 2011

Tobamovirus is one of the notorious viruses of pepper (Capsicum) and other crops like tobacco, tomato, potato, and squash. Thus, it is also one of the most studied viruses of plants. The L locus, a resistance gene against tobamoviruses, has been widely used in pepper breeding programs. Seoul National University scientists Hee-Bum Yang, together with a team of experts, developed a marker (L4segF&R) which is located near one of the L genes (L4) but did not completely co-segregate with L4 implying that the candidate is not L4.

To confirm the mapping data, they analyzed L4segF&R genotypes of L4-containing breeding lines from three different seed companies. This resulted to the identification of a number of recombinants in the breeding lines. Further analysis showed that the marker was present in the commercial breeding lines containing different forms of the L gene. Therefore, L-allele-specific marker provides a solution for pepper breeders developing improved resistance lines against tobamoviruses.

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