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APEC Technology Transfer and Advanced Agricultural Tech Conference

December 2, 2011

The 14th annual conference of the APEC Agricultural Technology Transfer Forum and 4th China Advanced Agricultural Technology Exhibition, was held in Beijing on November 23-24, 2011. It was hosted by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Beijing Science and Technology Commission. The theme of the session was "Strengthening Agro-tech Transfer, and Ensuring APEC Food Safety". About 500 participants including officers, experts, entrepreneurs, and farmers from member states attended the forum.

Zhang Taolin, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA), addressed the forum. "The contribution of science and technology to China's agriculture was up by 52% during 2010, becoming the main force in promoting the development of agriculture. Crop production, plant and animal protection, horticultural systems, agricultural mechanization and rural energy have progressed well," he said.

Topics discussed during the conference were climate change and food security, agricultural technology transfer and cooperation, and intellectual property rights.

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