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International Short Course on Science & Technology Communication

November 4, 2011

World Technology Access Program (WorldTAP) in collaboration with the College of Communication Arts and  Sciences, Michigan State University (MSU) Department of Sociology, ANR Communication is organizing an International Short Course in Communicating Science & Technology  from August 12 – 17, 2012. The course aims to provide hands-on experience in communicating science to participants using various communication tools and approaches.

The short course will provide a platform for local and international participants to exchange their experiences in communicating new science and technologies and help to establish collaboration among stakeholders. The knowledge, information and experience gained through this course will help participants contribute towards creating a better understanding of scientific innovations within the general public and within various stakeholders who serve the public. The short duration course is designed to suit the needs of scientists, regulators, policy personnel, educators, the media, and students who are interested in issues of science and technology communication.

For registration and details of the program contact Ms. Dilshani Sarathchandra of Michigan State University at or visit