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Global Food Security and Modern Technology Tackled in China

November 4, 2011

Population explosion and energy shortage are two major global problems. In order to provide enough food for people in the future, we must protect the environment. The use of biotechnology could be an option to achieve this and promote the development of agriculture. These thoughts were forwarded by Dr. Roger Beachy, chief scientist at the Donald Plant Research Center, during the Global Food Security and Modern Agricultural Technology Media Workshop held in Beijing on Oct 18, 2011. The workshop coincided with the celebration of World Food Day.

Prof. Yunbo Luo, chairman of the Food Sciences and Nutritional Engineering Department of the China Agricultural University,  discussed misinformation about biotechnology. He said that GM food is safer than traditional food since it had to undergo stringent measures before it is made available in the market. Rational thinking should guide discussion on transgenic technology and GM food.

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