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China Reports on Agricultural IP Creation

August 5, 2011

China's Ministry of Agriculture launched a Report on China's Agricultural Intellectual Property Creation Index (2010). The report says that under the comprehensive sections of the Outline of National Intellectual Property Strategy and the Outline of Agriculture Intellectual Property Strategy, the capability of Chinese agricultural knowledge creation has significantly improved during the country's 11th Five-Years (2006-2010).

The average annual growth of applications and authorization for new plant new varieties are 4.89% and 29.16% in 2006 and 2010, respectively, while the average annual growth of applications for agricultural patent is 18.03%. These indicate that agricultural knowledge creation capability has become an important support for sustainable development of agriculture in the country. 

The report also said that agri-biotechnology has become the key field in S&T innovation. See the news and download the report in Chinese at