Biotech Updates

Brazil Registers Growth in GM Plantings

August 5, 2011

More and more farmers in Brazil are adopting genetically modified crops, says the latest report issued by Céleres Ambiental, an environmental consulting firm based in Uberlandia, Minas Gerais, Brazil. A growth of 13.4% over the previous cropping season was registered by soybean farmers who planted 20.8 million hectares or 82.7% of the total forecast area. Farmers are likely to increase their adoption of transgenic soybeans in the 2011/2012 cropping season. The planted area in the Center-West region (8.8 hectares) has surpassed that of the South region for the first time, and now occupies the biggest area planted to transgenic soybeans in Brazil. The South region still remains as the top grower with 90.5% of the total area planted to transgenic varieties.

The report estimates that 606,000 hectares will be planted to transgenic cotton or an increase of 62.7% compared with the previous crop. The area planted to transgenic maize will occupy 9.1 million hectares, or 64.9% of the total area currently forecast for planting in 2011/12.

Details of the report are at