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Simpler Woodland Strawberry Genome Aids Research on More Complex Fruits

April 8, 2011

University of Illinois plant molecular geneticist Schuyler Korban and colleagues are aiming to sequence the genome of simple woodland strawberry (Fragaria vesca) to aid in the study of other fruit trees in the Rosaceae family. This is called comparative genetics where, upon the completion of the woodland strawberry genomic sequence, similarities and/or difference between strawberry and apple, or with other important fruit trees can be conducted.

"The woodland strawberry genome can be compared side-by-side with the already sequenced genome of the apple to identify genes that control certain traits such as flavor, nutritional composition, and flowering time," Korban said.

This information will guide the scientists on genes that will aid in studies of structure and function of the genes, gene expression in plants, and in the development of new varieties with desirable fruiting and fruit qualities.

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