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FZANZ Calls for Comment on Assessment Report for Food Derived from GM Soybean

April 8, 2011

A second assessment report on the application of a genetically modified soybean that has a plant source of omega-3 fatty acids has been completed and forwarded to the Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FZANZ) for comment.

"The report relates to an application to use a new variety of soybean, genetically modified to produce stearidonic acid, an omega-3 fatty acid, in the seeds of the plant," said FSANZ Chief Executive Steve McCutcheon

The Agency welcomes comments for submission on this Application (number A1041) till 5 May 2011. Media can contact Lydia Buchtmann or Lorraine Belanger 0401 714 265 (Australia) or +61 401 714 265 (from New Zealand).

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