Biotech Updates

MU Receives Grant for a Study that Could Lead to Better Corn Plants

March 18, 2011

Plants use up sunlight to produce sugars through photosynthesis. However, information on how genes that regulate the transport of sugars to form plant parts is still inadequate. University of Missouri (MU) associate professor, David Braun, has received a $6.6 million grant from the National Science Foundation to investigate the genes that control the movement of carbohydrates in corn. His study could lead to production of corn with better qualities such as increased yield, better drought resistance, and larger sizes fit for biofuel production.

"Carbohydrate transport is one of the least understood but most important factors in plant development," Braun said. "This research has the potential to have a great effect on corn farming, not just for increasing yield, but on so many other aspects."

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