Biotech Updates

GM Plants as Fish Feed Ingredient

March 18, 2011

Several research studies on the use of GM plants as fish feed ingredient have been conducted. Safety concerns have been raised particularly in the potential toxicity of the recombinant protein. Nini Heddberg Sissener from the National Institute of Seafood and Nutrition Research in Norway, and colleagues presented a review on the present status of knowledge about GM plants as fish feed ingredients, particularly in fish performance and health, as well as the fate of the GM DNA fragments in the fish.

Based on their evaluation, Roundup Ready (RR) soybean is the most extensively studied GM plant with herbicide tolerance. Results of those studies show that RR soybean has similar qualities as non-GM soy products as a feed ingredient. RR canola and cotton also exhibit no significant difference from the conventional counterparts.

On the contrary, less research has been carried out on insect resistant Bt plants as fish feed ingredient. Results of the few studies show that there are more pronounced differences between the fish fed with Bt plant and those fed with non-Bt plants. However, these data are not enough to arrive at a definite conclusion.

These evaluation implies that different events may lead to different results, thus each modification should be treated as unique, and no generalization for all GM plants could be derived. According to the researchers,  second generation GM plants have greater potential due to the possibilities of biofortification.

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