Crop Biotech Update

Pan-Asia Farmers Share Biotech Knowledge and Experiences

April 8, 2010

More than 50 progressive farmers and key stakeholders (media, government, scientists, private sector and academe) from different Asian countries recently visited the Philippines under the Farmer's Exchange Program. The participants learned about the adoption and commercial propagation of biotechnology crops and enhanced their knowledge on the basics, benefits, best practices and Philippine biotechnology regulatory schemes through lectures, video showing, visits to greenhouse/confined trials and biotech facilities at the International Rice Research Institute, University of the Philippines Los Baños and commercial biotech farm visits.

Dr. Emiliana Bernardo, eminent Philippine entomologist and Team Leader of the Insect Resistance Advisory Team, shared her first hand experience in the assessment of Bt corn prior to commercial approval in the country. Ms. Rosalie Ellasus, farmer from Northern Philippines, recounted her first-hand experience in planting biotechnology crops and the benefits she and her family derived from adopting the products.

The Program started in 2007 and has been a platform of knowledge sharing and exchange on agricultural biotech crops through first-hand sharing of experiences. The event this year was held last March 23-26 and was organized by CropLife Asia, Biotechnology Coalition of the Philippines, CropLife Philippines and SEARCA Biotechnology Information Center.

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