Crop Biotech Update

FSANZ Considering Applications for GM Foods

April 8, 2010

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) released a consultation document for two applications to approve the sale of genetically modified (GM) foods in Australia and New Zealand and one for a processing aid obtained from a GM source. A pre-market safety assessment by FSANZ is required before they can be approved.

Monsanto Australia Ltd requested approval for food derived from a GM insect-protected soybean line MON 87701. It also applied for permission for the sale and use of food derived from a new GM variety of corn, drought-tolerant corn line MON87460. This variety of corn has been modified to tolerate cultivation under water-limited conditions. DSM Food Specialties sought approval for a protein engineered enzyme (lipase), produced from a GM strain of Aspergillus niger, for use in bakery applications to enhance the gas holding capacity of bread dough and to increase the stability of the dough upon proofing, leading to an increased loaf volume.

Details of all the assessments can be found at