Biotech Updates

Peach DNA Unraveled

April 8, 2010

The genomic sequence of the Lovell peach tree is completed, says the news article from Clemson University. This is the result of an extensive research program pioneered at Clemson University under the leadership of Albert Abbott who holds the Robert and Lois Coker Trustees Chair in Molecular Genetics and a professor in the genetics and biochemistry department. The peach tree was chosen as the model tree genome for identifying and understanding genes that are critical for deciduous tree growth and development.

The peach genome would be useful in determining important traits in the genome of peach tree relatives such as apples and plums and in deciphering important traits such as genes for nutritional enhancement. Bryon Sosinski, an associate professor of horticultural science at N.C. State University and American coordinator in the peach sequencing project said that the effort spanned the globe, involving scientists in Italy, Spain and Chile, with the N.C. State, the Joint Genome Institute, Clemson and Washington State universities being the principal partners in the U.S.

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