Biotech Updates

USDA Supports WSU Specialty Crop Research

October 2, 2009

The Washington State University (WSU) research teams have been awarded by the  U.S. Department of Agriculture more than $15 million to support the specialty crops research on tree fruits, wine grapes and potatoes. Ralph Cavalieri, director of the WSU Agricultural Research Center, believes that this is the fruit of the excellent research funded by the U.S. government the previous year. "These USDA grants will give Washington State University researchers the resources they need to keep our state on the cutting edge of agricultural research, and help our farmers continue to grow the healthy, delicious crops that feed our families and support our communities," U.S. Sen. Patty Murray said.

The research teams will study a wide variety of topics, from the most basic science at the cellular level to applied best practices which solve problems growers face in the orchard and field, the report said.

For details on the nine specific projects and the collaborators, read