Biotech Updates

EuropaBio Evaluates Biotech Industry in New EU Member States

October 2, 2009

Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Estonia have the highest number of biotechnology companies and were the most developed biotechnology sectors among 12 newest European Member States, as well as Turkey and Croatia. A total of 260 biotechnology companies exist in 14 countries and are challenged on how to turn innovation into products when there is little guidance and support. These are insights of a report Biotech in the new EU Member States: An emerging sector released by EuropaBio, the European Association for Bioindustries, and Venture Valuation, with the collaboration of national stakeholders.

Despite the political will to develop research and development as a national priority and government interest in biotechnology, concrete policies are not always put into practice," said Patrik Frei, CEO of Venture Valuation and co-author of the report." Setting up a coherent and consistent framework with support dedicated to the biotechnology and healthcare sectors is the key to long-term success for the industry."

Needed to stimulate commercialization, the report added, are capacity building on intellectual property rights and patenting, as well as effective technology transfer offices. Nevertheless, a solid foundation is emerging in these countries to realize future successful developments in the biotechnology sector.

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