Biotech Updates

GMO Ban Remains in Bosnia and Herzegovina

May 15, 2009

Bosnia and Herzegovina has recently passed a new law on genetically modified organisms. The law permits field trials and importation of EU-approved biotech products. However, the ban on the cultivation of GM crops or the use of biotech products still remains. The bylaws that define the approval procedures for GM products have not yet been drafted. Until these procedures are drafted and approved, no GMO will be allowed into the country.

This is similar to the situation following the passage of the country's Food Law in 2004, when importation and marketing of biotech products was forbidden due to the lack of detailed regulations.

According to a new Global Agricultural Information Network (GAIN) from the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service (USDA FAS), biotech products are viewed as generally undesirable in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Agriculturists in the country believe that biotech products would threaten organic production in the country and could cause losses of potential export markets.

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