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Review of Nanoparticles Usage for Treatment of Fungal Infections

December 20, 2023

A scientific paper reviews the latest advancements in Amphotericin-B's new formulations. These advances will help with the treatment of human infections.

Amphotericin-B (Am-B) is a well-known therapeutic drug for various human infections, such as fungal and parasitic pathogens. However, Am-B's new formulations have caused certain issues in their clinical application. That's why proper scientific design is necessary to produce safe and effective delivery systems.

Researchers reviewed the novel drug delivery systems that can help minimize issues for Am-B. The features that they studied include liposomes, lipo-polymersomes, dendrimers, emulsions, nanocapsules, nanocochleate, cyclodextrins, polymeric micelles, mixed micelles, polymer and protein-based nanostructured materials, drug conjugates and microneedles. These features display promising outcomes for treating different human systemic infections.

Read the journal article in Biotechnology Journal for more information.

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