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Gene Editing Improves Flowering Time and Salt Tolerance of Maize

December 20, 2023

A study published in the Plant Biotechnology Journal shows that the knockout of ZmPRR37-CR resulted in the early flowering of maize. The study also found that the ZmPRR37 gene can potentially enhance salt stress tolerance in maize.

Flowering is a crucial stage in plant reproductive development. However, it can be affected by various environmental factors, which can either delay or accelerate the flowering of plants. As a short-day plant, flowering of maize in long-day environments has been challenging. Hence, the researchers analyzed and edited the genes of maize to induce flowering and improve salt tolerance.

The study revealed that the ZmPRR37 gene causes delays in the flowering of maize under long-day conditions. The findings of the study provide significant insights into the crucial role of ZmPRR37 in regulating flowering time and salt stress response in maize.

For more information, read the article from Plant Biotechnology Journal.

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