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Overexpression of GhMLP423 Improves Insect Resistance in Cotton

December 20, 2023

A study published in Advanced Science describes a CRISPR-Cas9-mediated high-throughput mutant library used to identify insect-resistance genes in cotton. This highly efficient method provides substantial insights into the genetic engineering of insect resistance in cotton.

Insect infestation poses a significant threat to the production of cotton. To address this, researchers have developed a large-scale mutagenesis library to help understand functional genomics research in cotton. The results of the study show that the overexpression of major latex-like protein 423 (GhMLP423) enhanced insect resistance in cotton.

The insect resistance gene GhMLP423 shows potential in improving cotton's defense against insects by initiating systemic acquired resistance (SAR) of salicylic acid (SA) and PR genes. The findings of the study indicate significant insights into improving targeted traits of cotton.

For more information, read the journal article from Advanced Science.

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