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Researchers Review Milk Bioactive Production Using Cellular Agriculture

October 11, 2023

Researchers from Switzerland reviewed cell-based biotechnology approaches that were used for the production of milk bioactives. The review also discussed the costs, challenges of scale, and socio-political aspects of human milk production.

Cellular agriculture can offer an alternative to traditional farming and ensures ingredient safety, nutritional quality, and security of food products. To identify its application in dairy, researchers from Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences and Nestlé Product Technology Center reviewed cell culture-based techniques that can be used to produce milk bioactives.

The findings showed that cellular agriculture displays the potential to manufacture complex and functional milk bioactives, like sugar, proteins, and lipids, for infant nutrition to make infant formula functionality similar to maternal milk. This will be helpful for infants whose mothers cannot breastfeed them.

For more information, read the journal article on Nature Reviews Bioengineering.

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