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CRISPR Reveals Relation Between Genome Organization and Autism

October 11, 2023

Researchers from various institutions used CRISPR to identify the connection between the mutations of certain genes and autism. Their findings may be used for future research and therapeutic interventions.

Autism is a heritable disorder that affects about 1 in 40 children in the USA. Previous studies revealed many genes that are related to autism, but it is difficult to analyze how mutations in specific genes affect brain activity and function. To find a solution to this issue, a team of researchers used CRISPR to produce a mutation in the CHD8 gene. This gene regulates the chromatin that surrounds the DNA.

Their results showed that the CHD8 mutation altered other genes that are implicated in intellectual disability or autism, but not the genes related to other types of disorders. This suggests that CHD8 may selectively affect the genes that are frequently involved in neurodevelopmental disorders, which explains some of the clinical traits present in people who have the CHD8 mutation.

Read the news article of New York University for more information.

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