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Improving Rice Photosynthesis and Yield through N Use Efficiency

October 12, 2022

Researchers from Tohoku University and Iwate University in Japan released a review article on enhancing photosynthesis and yield in rice by improving nitrogen use efficiency. The report is published in Plant Science.

The success of the dwarf breeding of rice, which led to the Green Revolution in Asia, is attributed to the increased source and sink capacities depending on significant N fertilizer applications. Though N fertilizer is vital for cereal production, large applications impact the environment.

Studies have shown that genetically engineered rice overproducing Rubisco had improved yields and enhanced N use efficiency. This facilitates higher biomass production under high N fertilization in a paddy field. The rice cultivar, Akita 63, exhibited high yields by expanding the sink capacity without source enhancement. Thus, the authors concluded that developing rice with both high photosynthesis and large sink capacity is vital.

Read more details in Plant Science.

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