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New Book Tackles Importance of GM Crops in Attaining Food Security

October 12, 2022

Taylor and Francis published a new book titled Genetically Modified Crops and Food Security: Commercial, Ethical, and Health Considerations. The book reviews a wide range of GM crops to understand how they are produced, their impacts on the agricultural industry, and their potential for improving food security. Jasmeet Kour, Vishal Sharma, and Imtiyaz Khanday are the book editors.

The book answers the following:

  • How can food security be achieved through GM crops?
  • What is the role of GM crops in pest management and the consequential reduction in the use of insecticides?
  • What is the commercial value of GM crops to the agricultural industry?

The book is a valuable resource for students and scholars of agricultural engineering, crop science, food biotechnology, food security, and those interested in food and agriculture and sustainable development.

Visit Google Books for more information.

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